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"What surprised me the most is how open people are, open to accept you, to accept your culture and to listen to you."

- Cathy Bi, '18, a W+H international student from Beijing, China




International Students

Wardlaw + Hartridge is proud of its long history of welcoming international students to our academic community. Our school's mission is to be “globally interconnected.”  We currently host 42 international students from China. In addition, we have families from Ghana, Nigeria, India, Germany and Canada as well as other diplomat families from the United Nations. If you are ready to take on an exciting academic challenge, please read the information in the International Student section carefully, to learn about our admission process and understand how to submit an application.












Summer Enrichment SEED Program Brochure 2019



Will I be considered an International Student?

Wardlaw+Hartridge defines an international student as one who meets either of the following criteria:
-The student will require an I-20 to study at W+H.
-The family's primary residence is outside of the United States — regardless of citizenship.

What should I do to start the application process?

To begin the application process, please click here. There is a $200 application fee due when submitting the application. An interview is required either in person or via Zoom, click here to schedule an interview.  Once you've submitted your application, you should schedule your tour of campus (highly encouraged) and interview (either in person or online).  Please note the application deadline for the school year is January 15 for fall entry. If you are looking to apply for a mid-year entry, your online application must be submitted by November 15 for a January start.  Applications received after this date will be considered on a rolling-admission basis.

For instructions in Chinese, please click here

For instructions in Russian, please click here

For instructions in Spanish, please click here.

How do I schedule an interview?

You can make your interview request electronically by clicking here or by calling the Admission Office at (908) 754-1882 Ext. 155.  

While we strongly encourage a campus visit as the best way to learn about W+H, a Zoom interview may be arranged if distance makes travel prohibitive.  A link will be emailed to join us for a Zoom interview.

Is the TOEFL required and what is the minimum score?

Yes, the TOEFL is required.  The minimum score for 9th grade applicants on the TOEFL is 85, for 10th grade applicants is 90.  The minimum score for 11th grade applicants is 100.  International students must be proficient enough in the English language to meet the Wardlaw + Hartridge curriculum with success.  Wardlaw + Hartridge does not offer English as a Second Language (ESL) programs.  We do not accept the SLEP test scores.  If TOEFL is unavailable, IELTS scores will be accepted. Applicants applying to grades 6 – 8 should take the TOEFL JR. We look for scores in the 865 range.
The Wardlaw+Hartridge School code:  2146

What is the minimum score for the SSAT?

We do not have a minimum score for the SSAT.  Our average score is in the 70th percentile.  The SSAT is only one part of the process and we do a holistic review of each candidate's application.  Your SSAT score will be looked at in conjunction with your teacher recommendations as well as your previous coursework/transcripts to come up with an academic assessment.  Additionally, we take into consideration your personal qualities, extracurricular interests, co-curricular activities, and leadership positions.

We highly recommend submitting a student resume or curricululm vitae to highlight your accomplishments.
The Wardlaw + Hartridge School code:  8026

What are your other requirements for applying to Wardlaw+Hartridge?

Our application checklist can be found here, including submitting:

  • passport copy
  • transcripts
  • certified bank statement
  • resume or curriculum vitae
If accepted and you enroll at W+H, you will be required to submit your vaccination records. Also, please note that you will be asked to submit teacher recommendations and a confidential school report during the application process.

How many international students are there?

11% of our students are international students and we have citizens of many different countries enrolled. International students are in all three divisions (Lower – grades PK – 5, Middle – grades 6 – 8, and Upper – grades 9 – 12).

Should I submit additional materials with my application?

If you wish to submit samples of your art or music work, please send a thumb drive with your work. Please note the thumb drive will not be returned to you. It is not necessary to submit additional certificates or photographs.

Is financial aid and scholarship money available to international students?

Financial aid and scholarships are not available for international students.

Does W+H accept new seniors (12th-grade)?

W+H does not accept 12th-graders and does not offer a PG (post graduate) year.

When and how does W+H communicate admission decisions?

All official admission decision letters are sent via FedEx and an email notification will also be sent when a decision is made.

When do we have to let W+H know if we are going to enroll?

All students must let W+H know two weeks after receiving the acceptance packet. Enrollment contracts and tuition are due at this time. Wire instructions can be downloaded here.

If we decide to enroll at W+H when are I-20s issued?

W+H issues the I-20 along with the acceptance letter to new students by March. This should give you sufficient time to get the proper visa and make your travel arrangements. I-20s are issued directly to the student's family.

When does the school year begin?

The W+H school year begins in early September.

All newly enrolled international students must attend the six-week summer SEED program. 

Download the SEED program information here.

International Tuition and School Fees


International Tuition & Fee Schedule 2020-2021 
Kindergarten $26,309
Grades 1 $31,409
Grades 2  $35,011
Grade 3 $38,850
Grades 4 - 5 $41,690
Grades 6 - 10 $47,529
Grades 11 - 12



*Included in tuition is: Technology fee, Lunch Program, Annual Fund, International fee
**All newly enrolled international students must add $10,000 to the grade tuition for the required summer SEED Program. This required six-week summer course, held at the school, includes room, board, activities, and summer tuition. International students must be on campus prior to the start of the program. Students should plan to arrive in the United States by July 3, as the program begins on July 6, 2020. Please share your flight information with

Plans vary and more information can be found on the international webpage at
OPTIONAL SCHOOL FEES – Dependent upon course selection or grade:
Homestay Fee (per month)                                                      $1,400-$2,000 (includes transportation to and from school daily)
Encore (After School) Program (1 - 8)                                    $5.00 per 1/2 hour
Textbooks and general supplies (PK-8)                                 Variable
Textbooks (9-12) through                             Variable (by course selection)
Middle School Science fee                                                       $50.00
Middle School Overnight Trips                                               Variable ($450 to $900)
Laptop for Upper School students                                         Purchase through the school is optional; students may bring their own device.

Finance charge on past due balances                                     1% per month
Returned check/ returned ACH fee                                         $ 50.00
Credit Card Convenience fee                                                   Variable


Do I need to submit medical insurance proof?

All international students are required to show proof of medical coverage within three days of arrival. Read more information here. 


What is the policy when working with agencies?

Students who come to Wardlaw+Hartridge for admission through an agency are asked to stay connected to that agency throughout their time at the school. 


International Seniors from the
Class of 


Call for a personal tour

908-754-1882, ext. 155 




1295 Inman Ave,
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