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Since the mid 1980s, the desire to build a Performing Arts Center has appeared in different master campus plans, but other priorities have superseded it. In previous master campus plans, the designs for the proposed Center have been quite large for our school and the resulting costs exorbitant. Our updated Strategic Plan calls for a new space that will elevate our performing arts program and allow student artists to shine at their brightest. The current design we are pursuing is at a much more manageable scale, seating approximately 330 people. When we are able to build it, our campus will be essentially complete.

The performing arts program, in classes and beyond, provides powerful opportunities for our students. They are a laboratory of collaboration, creativity, and empathy. At any given time, the majority of our students are involved in activities that use the stage for these opportunities. Our music and drama programs are already very strong. Student ensembles and individual performers are regularly selected for regional and national recognition. Some of our alumni have even become professional actors, musicians, and technical theater professionals. But we can and should do more. Simply put, the performing arts program is the one area in school where our facilities do not promote excellence and do not support adequately the efforts our students make to achieve their strongest performance. Click magazine cover at left for more details.


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