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Globally Engaged

Not quite a full year into my tenure here at Wardlaw+Hartridge, I have told colleagues from colleges, universities, and other secondary schools that ours is truly a Global Day School. In my long career, only the International School of Brussels could compete with W+H for the range of students and parents in our community. I currently work with students who are in some cases Chinese citizens, or the children of African, Central and South American, Filipino, Indian, Pakistani, or Turkish immigrants. Our inclusion is remarkable. Moreover, the Global Scholars Program makes sure that members of our community, some of whom have families who have been in the United States for decades or even centuries, travel abroad and engage with the rest of the world. It all adds up to a remarkable educational experience for our globally-interdependent world.

When it comes to helping seniors make college and university choices for the next step in their educational journeys, the first thoughts are usually about American options. However, other countries are also rich with opportunities. In some cases, these are international campuses of stateside universities. Duke University has a campus in Kunshan, China, and a representative from it visited us this year. New York University has a Shanghai campus, and we hosted a representative from that great option, too. Representatives from excellent Canadian universities, of British Columbia and of Toronto, also visited and met with our students this fall. There are also institutions fully based in the United Kingdom that we have invited to come speak with our students. STEM professors from the University of Glasgow and history faculty from the University of Edinburgh have both met with our W+H students this fall.

As a practical matter, universities in Canada and the United Kingdom make admissions decisions exclusively on the basis of academics, measured by rigor of courses, quality of grades, and strength of standardized testing. The other matters that American colleges often include in making decisions – giving advantages to athletes, legacies, donations, and underrepresented members of the population – are not factors north of the border or "across the pond," making these options ones to consider for strong students who do not have those other factors in their favor.

Thus, in every way, including College Counseling, Wardlaw+Hartridge is globally engaged.

Posted by cteare on Wednesday November, 20, 2019 at 01:34PM


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