Captains' Council

Since 2012, the captains of all Ram teams meet on a regular basis to work on improving the W+H athletic experience for all our students.     Their work includes 

  • Leadership development, to better serve their teams
  • Community service projects (determined by each year's Council)
  • Increasing school spirit and support for all our teams

During the 2014-15 year, the Council wrote and approved the following statement of their mission of athletic leaders:

Our Athletic Mission

The Wardlaw + Hartridge School prepares students to lead and succeed in a world of global interconnection.  Our Athletic experience is a vital element in our education, as we learn to compete more effectively within a team framework in which we develop and maintain positive relationships with our teammates.    It is essential that each team’s strength is built upon our personal integrity and respect for our diversity.    

As captains, we acknowledge that our authority originates in our actions: if we demonstrate commitment, our teammates will likely follow.   We will lead to win if we strengthen the drive and integrity of our team.   We know that a motivated team relies on healthy relationships, and that players who already possess a mature ambition to succeed share that attitude and the work habits that support it, with their teammates.

Our Core Values

The core values of the Wardlaw-Hartridge community are no less important on the athletic field:

  •        Integrity
  •        Opportunity
  •        Support
  •        Diversity 
  •        Community
  •        Sustainability

Developed by the 2014-15 Captains’ Council                                                                                                                        Approved by the Captains’ Council April 23, 2015.

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