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Greetings from China

Hello from the flight deck…

Yes, it is that time of year when I travel to China to visit with our current parents and have the opportunity to meet prospective families. I look forward to sharing in person the school news that has transpired since my last visit a year ago. Our young pioneering thinkers have been busy growing their minds, experiences and relationships in our community. The maturity and understanding of this generation makes me hopeful for the future. Put aside all the political wrangling and media commentary and what it boils down to is people caring and working collaboratively with one another. 

At Wardlaw+Hartridge, students and teachers work together, side by side, to dissect issues and learning to gain a better and deeper understanding of issues and community. It is that quintessential experience to allows everyone to rise above the fray. I see every day in our classrooms, in the hallways, on our stage and on the athletics fields – STUDENTS – not international, not domestic, but students. Their ability to learn from one another and to share their cultures so effortlessly is truly transformative. I guess this is one of the reasons I enjoy making this annual trip. The opportunity to meet new families and to share the hope and what a W+H education means and how it will uplift their child to unimaginable heights is a high in itself. Did I mention how much I enjoy the food? I digress.


Convening the Beijing and Shanghai WHISPAs (Wardlaw+Hartridge International Student Parent Association) is always a wonderful experience. Taking the time to listen besides sharing news from the school is so important. I sit in awe of their confidence in their children, our school and our country to take in their most precious possessions. I am humbled by them and take this responsibility seriously. Parents, whether domestic or international, want the finest education and learning environment for their child. I am proud to represent W+H year after year to families knowing that their investment in their children and in the school will reap benefits beyond their wildest imagination.


Post blog note:

I’m now continuing my blog from the highest library in the world. I just enjoyed a successful evening with our Shanghai parents. I was joined not only by current parents but recently by parents whose child graduated from W+H. It proves my thought that joining a community like Wardlaw+Hartridge is not merely for the duration of one’s education at the school but for a lifetime connection for both the graduate and the parents.

I leave China tomorrow with great pride in both countries, parents, students, and the educational experience for the coming year. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and most importantly your friendship and trust.

Posted by ggonnella on Thursday November, 21, 2019 at 01:40PM


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