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The Value of Rigorous Inquiry

As Admission officers, we are always seeking bright students who ask insightful questions. We love meeting students who demonstrate a curiosity and a passion for learning and who are seeking an academic challenge beyond what they are currently experiencing.

For parents, it’s about asking questions about a school’s programs so they can identify if a school is the best fit for their child. Insightful questions lead to more than just answers, but also an ongoing discussion that is constantly evolving. At W+H, students are provided the tools necessary to stimulate rigorous inquiry, in depth research and writing skills so they can express themselves thoughtfully. 

While this type of education is common among independent school, we believe Wardlaw+Hartridge offers a unique experience. We seek students who desire this approach to learning.

W+H will provide a wonderful opportunity for all PreK-12 students at our upcoming Family Science Night on April 11. Students of all ages will be challenged to test their theories and ask questions that will lead to scientific discovery. Lower School students enjoyed a sampling of the projects on display at a recent demo session in our amphitheater. Excitement was in the air as our youngest students watched Upper School students show how things happen and why they happen. 

Learning how things work is part of the educational foundation of our school. Please join us April 11 from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. and watch rigorous inquiry lead to discovery.

Posted by ggonnella on Thursday April, 11, 2019 at 08:38AM


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