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E-Mentoring Empowers Global Engagement

The theme for this month’s blog is Global Engagement. I could spend a fair amount of time highlighting examples throughout the curriculum but I would like to turn the bully pulpit over to one of our pioneering and distinguished faculty members, Dr. Olga Pagieva, who is transforming long-distance learning here at W+H. Dr. Pagieva, ELL Support Instructor, explains the newly formed E-Mentoring program that we launched just a few weeks ago.

Take it away Dr. OP!

At Wardlaw+Hartridge, a multicultural community of life-long learners, we strive to keep abreast of innovative practical approaches to meaningful global engagement. As educators in a constantly changing global society, we seek responsible learning experiences for our students. We want them to better understand the continual transformations of the world we live in. This world - multifaceted and interconnected - is becoming more and more complex.

How can students learn to become globally engaged citizens? How do we teach a sense of personal and social responsibility in a shared world?

Clearly, there’s no simple answer. Previous experiences and acquired knowledge differ from person to person, and traditional approaches may be inefficient to fully equip our diverse student body with the skills needed to become effective and responsible global citizens. 

The International Student Program at W+H has recently launched E-Mentoring, an online learning support project that aims at empowering students with their learning. And THEIR learning starts with THEIR heritage, cultural experiences, and THEIR awareness of differences in schooling and expectations worldwide. 

To some extent, our international students are acquiring a multitude of new skills across cultural contexts and beyond the limits of their native customs, habits, and traditions. The moment they enroll in our school, these students sign up for the social, cultural, and academic responsibilities unlike those of their home countries. 

Drawing on knowledge from traditional and non-traditional educational formats, we hope that E-Mentoring can become a useful part of the W+H school fabric, supported by faculty and staff. We view it as a timely expansion of the in-house international student services, a key additional platform for a continual, skillful, and careful guidance to the international students. E-Mentoring @ W+H is extra help for the international families who are prepared to enhance the well-being of the school community while trying to figure out and map out unique paths for their children’s academic successes, social accomplishments, and responsible global citizenship.                                            

Posted by ggonnella on Thursday February, 14, 2019 at 08:11AM


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