Curricular Interconnections

At The Wardlaw + Hartridge School, we believe in the education of our students not only in terms of classroom subjects, but also as citizens of an ever-changing world.  For that reason, we institute a variety of global interconnections into our curricula as our students prepare to live as independent and open-minded individuals, as well as learn team-building skills that are essential for social collaboration.

  • A United Nations ambassador and special advisor to the president of the United Nations Assembly met with 1st Graders to explain how education and opportunity combat poverty.
  • In 7th and 8th English Classes, our Middle Schoolers learn about genocides that have taken place across the globe including those in Armenia, Rwanda, Cambodia, and Darfur by studying a variety of literature. The unit of study concludes with a participatory action project that requires students to engage with other members of the school community to share and educate them on issues of discrimination, justice, and equal access to power.
  • 10th Grade English students learn about current challenges in Nigeria while reading Chimamanda Adichie's The Thing Around Your Neck. 9th Grade History and English teachers and students collaborate to create video essays that target global generational challenges.
  • Senior Capstone projects include traditional research papers alongside action projects that have included such far-ranging challenges as projecting how to market Netflix in Australia and post-9/11 Islamophobia around the world.
  • An integrated English and History unit focuses on the reading of MaryJane Sartrapi's Persepolis while studying the history of Iran and poses the question to students, "Is there an inevitable conflict between East and West?"
  • During the Upper School Engineering Bicycles elective, students learned that the use of bicycles on unpaved roads leads to a shortened life for the bike, particularly in the frame.  In isolated, undeveloped locations all over the world (Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and South America), bamboo is abundant and free.  In areas where broken bike frames can neither be repaired nor replaced due to the unavailability or cost of metal, bamboo is being used.  Our students explored techniques in building such frames in order to explore the viability of people around the world building their own bicycle frames with non-standard materials.


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