Multi-Year Matriculation List 2014-2019

Our college counseling process is aimed at helping each student find the best fit for himself or herself. What is of greatest importance to us is that our graduates are superbly prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities in the college of their choice to stretch their intellects, explore career paths, and build the inner resources they will need to blaze their own paths toward success and contentment.  The ways in which they broaden their horizons and deepen their inquiry while in college are far more important than the ranking of the college.

We provide a multi-year matriculation list to show you where our graduates are currently enrolled in colleges and universities.  Please note that approximately 70% of our graduates in the last five years are enrolled in colleges and universities that appear on the top 100 lists from US News or Forbes magazine.  

Students from the Class of 2019 enrolled in the colleges and universities listed in italics






The Wardlaw-Hartridge School
1295 Inman Ave,
Edison, NJ 08820
(908) 754-1882
The Wardlaw + Hartridge School is a top private and college prep school in Edison, New Jersey, which provides an independent, pioneering educational experience at the early childhood, kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school levels.
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