Global Scholars Program

The Wardlaw+Hartridge Global Scholars Program (GSP) is designed for students who are interested in learning about current international challenges while demonstrating positive dispositions toward global stewardship. Students enroll in this program at the end of the ninth grade.  Students who elect this program of study will earn an endorsement on their Wardlaw-Hartridge diploma after completing requirements within each of the following seven strands:

World Language Competency: World language competency will be demonstrated by being enrolled in the same world language for all four years a student is in Upper School. The student must earn a cumulative language GPA of at least 87% by the conclusion of senior year. An international student, from a country where English is not the official language, may use the study of English to fulfill this requirement.

Specialized Global Course Work: A Wardlaw+Hartridge Global Scholar must also earn a GPA of 90% in program specific courses that total at least seven credits. Two of these courses are required. These required courses are: Global Citizenship (1 credit) and Introduction to World Religions (1 credit). 

GSP electives earning at least five additional credits must also be selected.  These credits must be earned in at least two different departments. Although the courses offered each year may change slightly, all GSP courses are indicated in the Curriculum Guide with the symbol: @

All GSP students must maintain a cumulative overall GPA of 87%

Cross-cultural Experience: Students will engage in a cross-cultural experience as approved by the Director of Global Scholars and reflected in their e-portfolio.

Service Learning:  Students will participate in service learning. The purpose of service learning is to support or enhance the work of local or international agencies to effect positive change.

Research Seminar: Capstone:  Global Scholars will conduct scholarly research with a global theme and present a unique and comprehensive final product, possibly an exhibit or project, in addition to a thesis.  A final grade of 87% or higher must be earned.

Community Service: Global Scholars will provide unpaid service that benefits our local communities specifically by doing work as volunteers for government or non-profit organizations.  Qualifying service activities will be reviewed and approved by the Director of Global Scholars.  

Each year, students are required to meet an established minimum number of hours, with at least 75% of the hours being in one area of interest.  

Requirements by Grade Level:

10th Grade - 20 hours

11th and 12th Grades - 30 hours each year

Students must complete the required service document to account for the hours served.  The document must be signed by the supervisor of the service activities.

**Service hours may begin starting with the summer prior to the new school year

E-Portfolio: The E-Portfolio is where the Global Scholar will synthesize and reflect on their coursework, community action, service-learning, and cross-cultural experience. Global Scholars will also infuse their E-Portfolio with their interpretation and reflections on current events and personal growth. Students will meet with a faculty advisor three times each year to help guide them through the e-portfolio process.

Each year, student progress in GSP will be evaluated by the Director of Global Scholars.

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