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Wardlaw + Hartridge maintains a century-old commitment to providing educational opportunities to students. We understand that financing an independent school education is a significant investment and believe our Mission Statement and Core Values affirm the need for a socio-economically diverse community.

We have developed a variety of approaches to help families afford our outstanding education.

 We will work with families through TADS and require that they apply annually to determine eligibility.

At Wardlaw + Hartridge financial assistance is available for students in Grades K - 12 with a maxium award of fifty percent for students in Grades K through five.

We urge you to complete the financial aid process expeditiously. The Financial Aid Committee will not be able to consider your application until all of your documentation, including your 2016 tax return, has been submitted. Please let us know if you need assistance.

If you have any questions regarding TADS please call their helpline at 800-477-8237. You may fax your documents directly to TADS at 612-548-3326.  When applying to TADS use our school code: 30151. Click here to apply at

W+H scholarship opportunities

Please note:

Financial aid is offered only after determining that the resources of the family are insufficient to meet the student's educational expenses. In order for your financial aid application to be complete and your grant determined, please submit all 2016 tax documentation, including your 2016 W2 and 1040. Families must submit a financial aid application annually.

Please call the Admission Office with additional questions or concerns about tuition or tuition assistance, at (908) 754-1882 Ext. 155. 


Q: Does Wardlaw-Hartridge offer merit-based or achievement scholarships?

For rising ninth grade students, we offer two merit scholarships and two achievement awards to qualified applicants. Learn more by clicking Ninth Grade Scholarship Award.

Q: If I need tuition assistance, when should I apply for it?

Once you have applied for admission, apply for tuition assistance.

Q: How is financial need determined?

Financial need is different for everyone. Tuition assistance at Wardlaw-Hartridge is need based, that is why we ask you to apply to TADS to see if you qualify. Once you submit all of your tax and other supporting documents to TADS, they will assess your financial obligations and need for tuition assistance. When their assessment is complete, they will contact our Director of Financial Aid.

Q: How is tuition assistance handled if parents are separated or divorced?

TADS policy for determining the financial need of students is based on the principle that both parents are responsible for the support and educational expenses of their children, to the extent that they are financially able to assume responsibility. Wardlaw-Hartridge supports this policy and requires that both the noncustodial and custodial parents provide financial information in order for your financial aid application with TADS to be considered.

Each parent’s financial information is kept confidential. Failing to make sure that your child’s tuition assistance file is complete in this respect can affect the amount of the grant offered. Please contact the Admissions Office for guidance in handling unusual circumstances.

Q: How much financial aid is available for your family?

In Lower School, the maximum tuition assistance is 50% of the tuition. In Middle and Upper School, the percentage is determined after a thorough assessment of the family’s need.

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