Philosophy & Mission               

We believe that the traits necessary for success in athletics are also fundamental for success in life. We know that our student-athletes benefit from the opportunities provided through sport. We understand that our whole school prospers from the strong sense of loyalty and community generated through athletics.  At Wardlaw-Hartridge, we consider athletics an extension of the classroom and believe it is integral to the education of our students. We strive to provide an environment that promotes achievement, integrity, sportsmanship, and life-long health and fitness.

Our athletic program will:

1.  Foster the development of life-enriching characteristics such as strong work ethic, responsibility, leadership, teamwork, self-discipline, self-motivation, conflict-resolution, commitment, integrity, perseverance, communication, time management, and sportsmanship.

2.  Promote excellence for students who wish to succeed in sports  by providing them with proper facilities, competent coaching, and appropriate competitive opportunities.

In pursuit of these objectives, we will:                 
  • Teach physical skills, strategies, and knowledge of the rules relevant to the sport
  • Include conditioning that develops the physical attributes required for athletic success:  strength, speed, agility, endurance, and flexibility
  • Nurture the attitudes that enable our athletes to:
    • o    Compete fiercely against opponents, while cooperating fully with teammates
    • o    Maintain respect for opponents, officials, and the rules
    • o    Strive for athletic excellence, while maintaining focus on academic, family, and other social responsibilities
    • o    Maintain a healthy self-confidence, while using adversity and constructive criticism as an opportunity to improve oneself
      • Enable our teams to compete effectively in the GMC, the NJISAA, and the NJSIAA
We count on all our coaches and athletes to maintain a team culture that makes the program a source of pride for the school. Competing for Wardlaw + Hartridge will help our students prepare to lead and succeed in the world beyond our walls. At the same time, our teams will demonstrate the school’s core values:  integrity, opportunity, support, diversity, and community.
The Wardlaw-Hartridge School
1295 Inman Ave,
Edison, NJ 08820
(908) 754-1882
The Wardlaw + Hartridge School is a top private and college prep school in Edison, New Jersey, which provides an independent, pioneering educational experience at the early childhood, kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school levels.
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