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Fall Play Tells Compelling Story

Fall Play Tells Compelling Story
Rudy Brandl

Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Tenants, the W+H world premiere fall play, for an amazing production on Nov. 15-16 in the Berry Performing Arts Center.

Leading players Kallie Schildge '20, Shane Kornecki '20, Mayah Nissim '20, Sahil Mulji '20, Neil Shah '21 and Tarun Ravilla '21 starred and did a magnificent job telling the original story. Playwright Kyra Tantao attended Saturday's show and was beaming with pride and praise after watching the W+H students perform on the stage.

"I'm so incredibly proud of the students," Ms. Tantao said. "They absolutely blew me away. I was laughing, crying happy and sad and crying with pride and joy. This just reminds me how powerful artists are and how important their voices are."

The cast and crew also made a positive impact off the stage in the community. They held a weekend fundraiser and donated $500 to aid the Colonia family who recently lost their home when a plane crashed into it.