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This page is your hub for parent information, news and resources. Below you will find key facts about the Wardlaw+Hartridge Parents' Association, including meetings, events, volunteer opportunities, news and important contact information. 

Wardlaw+Hartridge Parents' Association

We have some exciting events on tap for December:

Awesome 2-week online Book Fair: replaces our usual weekend at Barnes & Noble: 

December Funtivities: We are cooking up some great virtual events for the first weekend of December so mark your calendars! 

Family Dinner: Events kickoff on Friday, Dec. 4, with a special family dinner (pizza kit and interactive dessert) that you can order beginning November 27 at

Check out WHPA news in the WHEN every Thursday and follow or friend us on social media. 

Contact us at

Stay well and be safe!

The WHPA Executive Board



WHPA Executive Board
Marci Bowman (Henry 12)  
Vice President 
Roshanna Bracy (Taylor 1)
Upper School VP 
Vandana Puri (Naischa 10) 
Middle School VP 
Youlin Tsai (Giselle 10, Corelle 6) 
Lower School VPs  
Marcella Addison (Macayla 3)

Youme Sajous (Alain 7, Avaery 3)
Recording Secretary 
Nalini Parsram (Shaan 12)
Asst. Recording Secretary 
Kerry O'Neill (Emily 6) 
Shelly July (Samaiya 5)
Assistant Treasurer 
Mona Sampathkumar (Akira 1)
Kevin Kornecki (Chase PreK)
Volunteer Coordinators  
Catiline Thiesen (Brian 12, Julia 8)
Anita Nair (Aryan 7)
Ashley Brazoban (Chanel 1)