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This page is your hub for parent information, news and resources. Below you will find key facts about the Wardlaw+Hartridge Parents' Association, including meetings, events, volunteer opportunities, news and important contact information. 

Wardlaw+Hartridge Parents' Association

Dear W+H Families,

On behalf of the W+H Parents’ Association, welcome to the 2020-21 school year! The PA will be functioning a bit differently this year, in response to the challenging times. For example, we will be doing far less fundraising and much more community outreach. Please see below information about our upcoming meetings, how to express your interest in being a class parent/grade liaison, and other updates:

WHPA Virtual Meetings: Our first two meetings of the year will be Tuesday, September 22 at 7:00 PM and Tuesday, October 6 at 7:00 PM. The Zoom link below will be used for both:

Class Parent/Grade Liaison: Class parents and grade liaisons are the crown jewels of the WHPA. In their unique role they are an extension of the Executive Board. We appreciate and value them not only because they are great communicators or have the most intimate and direct contact with our families; but, because they are able to foster positive social interactions amongst families, teachers, and in our community. We need two class parents for each Lower School classroom and two grade liaisons for each Middle School and Upper School grade. For safety reasons volunteers are not allowed in the building this year so these roles are different. You will work closely with your division VP and Volunteer Coordinator and they will support you through your endeavors. We will share thorough details when parents are selected; here is an overview of the main responsibilities:

1. Communication: You will be the first line of organizing effective communication within your child’s cohort.

2. Soliciting donations: Families have plenty to deal with at the start of this extraordinary school year so we will not be soliciting donations for our Fall Fair-style event or for class dues. But hopefully in the Spring we will be able to have a true Gala and may ask for your assistance to make the event a success.

3. Lower School parties: All parties will be held in classrooms; year-end parties may take place on the grounds but not off campus. You will work with Sage to order appropriate snacks; these will be paid for by the PA. You should be available to join the class virtually for the party to lead them in a brief activity.

4. PA Meetings: Attend the PA’s monthly meetings (which will be virtual for the foreseeable future.) You can share this duty with your counterpart but at least one of you will need to represent your class each month.

If you are interested, please fill out the form found in the link below. We will be endeavoring to select a new parent and a veteran parent for each grade level and will be in touch next week.

Upcoming Events: We are making every effort to organize a community-wide alternative to Fall Fair in late October and will keep you informed about details as the plan is finalized.

Staying Informed: We will have weekly submissions in the WHEN, the Parents page on the school website and the Wardlaw+Hartridge Parents Facebook page will be frequently updated. We look forward to hearing your ideas, questions, and concerns at

Wishing you a safe and healthy school year,

Marci Bowman, WHPA President

Dear W+H Families,

The Parents’ Association welcomes you to the 2020-21 school year. (To our new families: we are comparable to a PTA or PTO, with which you might be more familiar.) Our mission is to support our students, faculty and staff and to enhance the spirit of community that is already so rich here at W+H. That mission remains the same, even in the midst of these difficult times. What we will be missing out on most is the ability to see you at in-person school events, which are on hold for the time being to help ensure the safety of our students. Our meetings will be virtual until further notice and links to join will be posted here, on our Facebook page (Wardlaw+Hartridge Parents’ Association, please friend of us if you have not done so,) and in the WHEN, our school’s weekly newsletter. These will be your three best ways to stay up-to-date with our PA activities. We are re-imagining our traditional events to determine if they can be conducted safely so it will be more important than ever to avail yourself of the latest information. Our Executive Board members represent families from across the three divisions; our contact information is below. You will likely recognize a name or find that one of us has a child close to yours in age. Please feel free to reach out to any one of us with questions, concerns, and ideas. It will take all of us rowing in the same direction to navigate these troubled waters. Please know that we are here for you.


WHPA Executive Board 2020-21


WHPA Executive Board
Marci Bowman (Henry 12)  
Vice President 
Roshanna Bracy (Taylor 1)
Upper School VP 
Vandana Puri (Naischa 10) 
Middle School VP 
Youlin Tsai (Giselle 10, Corelle 6) 
Lower School VPs  
Marcella Addison (Macayla 3)

Youme Sajous (Alain 7, Avaery 3)
Recording Secretary 
Nalini Parsram (Shaan 12)
Asst. Recording Secretary 
Kerry O'Neill (Emily 6) 
Shelly July (Samaiya 5)
Assistant Treasurer 
Mona Sampathkumar (Akira 1)
Kevin Kornecki (Chase PreK)
Volunteer Coordinators  
Catiline Thiesen (Brian 12, Julia 8)
Anita Nair (Aryan 7)
Ashley Brazoban (Chanel 1) 

Meeting Dates 2020-2021

Virtual meeting links will be shared via email. In-person meetings will take place in the Oakwood Room unless otherwise noted.

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