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Dina Congregane & Zoe Bongiovanni


Self-Care at W+H

School Nurse, Angela Farese, offers a few health tips for the W+H Community, to improve your well-being  during Self-Care Sundays.

Ryan Oliveira, Athletic Trainer, starts off the Self-Care Sunday series with a video offering useful posture tips while, working, teaching and learning at home.

Athletic Trainer, Ryan Oliveira, shares thoughts on the importance of gratitude in our Self-Care Sundays series.

Shannon Sari, Lower School Music Teacher, shares calming breathing techniques with music for mindfulness in this Self-Care Sunday post.

Athletic Trainer, Ryan Oliveira, shares some important thoughts on the benefits of sunshine and Vitamin D.

Zoe Bongiovanni, School Counselor, shares a simple mindset tip in our Self-Care Sunday series.

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