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Stock Transfer Instructions

Benefits of Gifts of Stock

Gifts of Securities to The Wardlaw-Hartridge School

Before you transfer a gift of stock, bonds, or significant cash, The Wardlaw + Hartridge School strongly suggests and appreciates notification from you or your broker/agent about the kind of asset(s) and the number of shares, bonds, or certificates involved. That notification allows us to track your gift properly and in a timely fashion. Except for cash, donated assets should have been held for more than one year to benefit most under IRS regulations. Depending on the asset, separate reporting requirements may apply.

Stock Transfer Contact and Account Information
Contact: Mr. Demetrios Athanasopoulos
Client Associate

Wells Fargo Advisors
One Penn Plaza, 27th FL
New York, NY 10119
Phone 212-273-7089Fax 212-947-0299

DTC ID Number: 141
Account Number: 8628-6062

Account Name: Wardlaw-Hartridge

For stock, corporate bonds, and municipal bonds in certificate form: 

Please hand-deliver the assets/certificates to the Development Office or send them via registered mail with a letter stating your name, address, and the purpose of the gift. Please do not endorse the back of the certificates. If you mail the certificates, obtain a stock power (assignment form) for each different issue (common and preferred stock from the same company require separate powers) and only sign the stock power, using your name as it appears on the certificates. Then obtain a medallion guarantee for your signature at a commercial bank or brokerage, and mail all signed stock powers in envelopes (first-class acceptable) separate from any certificates.

If you have any questions, please notify Bill Jenkins, Assistant Head for Institutional Advancement, via phone at (908) 754-1882, Ext. 111, or email at