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Athletic Department Help with the College Recruiting Process

The Athletic Department invites all Wardlaw-Hartridge student-athletes who wish to play their sport in college to register with the Athletic Director by the fall of their sophomore year.   Doing so will allow the Department to provide the most effective help to the student in co-ordinating their investigation of college athletic opportunities.   In registering, the student shall provide the Director all relevant information (contact information, athletic vital statistics, and academic credentials) and shall update such information as they progress through their W-H career.   When relevant, it will be important to share the names of colleges the student is pursuing, the communications received from colleges, and other similar information.   We will do all we can to assist all our student-athletes, including those who register later in their junior or senior year, but we can provide the most effective assistance for students who begin the process during their sophomore year. 

The core of the recruiting process is the relationship that develops between the high-school student (a prospective student-athlete, as the NCAA calls him or her) and the college coach.   What is particularly difficult for students is that they need to initiate much of the communication with college coaches, but must also understand the college’s role in the process.   We encourage all our student-athletes to tap into the wisdom of adults who have been through the process before, and can guide their efforts.   It should go without saying that they will benefit tremendously from the expertise of our College Advising Office, but additional consultation with their Wardlaw-Hartridge coach, and their club coach (where applicable) can help them develop a winning strategy for the athletic component of their college search. 

The Athletic Director can help interested students (and their parents) with:

            When, and how, to contact colleges
            Which colleges to contact
            Providing the data colleges need to evaluate the student academically and athletically
            Interpreting the feedback received from college coaches
            Getting the best “fit” with a college

    Resources available at the College Advising Office (on the “specialty” shelf)

                        The High School Athlete’s Guide to College Sports
                        The Student-Athlete’s Guide to Getting Recruited
                        Sports Scholarships Insider’s Guide


     Your Sample introductory letter:
                                                                        Street Address
                                                                        Town, State, Zip

                                                                        March 10, 2015

Street Address
Town, State, Zip

 Dear Coach ______,

I am currently a freshman/sophomore/junior (14-17 years old) at the Wardlaw-Hartridge School in Edison, NJ and I also play for the (club team name and age).   On my team I play ______ (your position/positions).  I am very interested in ________ (University/College) for both its academic opportunities and the (sport) program.  If you have seen their team play, mention it here.    Below I have listed some of my academic and athletic statistics and honors.


for a tennis player or golfer, this section would be individual participation in sectional, local, or national tournaments, as well as any rating points  In track/swimming times in most or all of the athlete’s events should be included.  

(HONORS/Achievements of HS TEAM-includes personal honors)

                   -GPA  (Note that Wardlaw-Hartridge does not rank its students)
                   -Honors classes
                   -Honors received in school
                   -Standardized tests to be taken (include expected date, if not yet taken)


Physical data:  (use  where relevant to your sport)

      Height                                     40 time or other speed/agility measurement
      Weight                                    Bench Press or other strength measurement

 (For sports that utilize camps or showcase events in the evaluation process):   I will be attending these  camps/showcases in the near future. I have also attached my schedule for the upcoming season, along with contact information for my club and high school coaches. (If you do not have team or camp/showcase schedule state you will be sending it soon). I hope you have the chance to see me play, and look forward to hearing from you soon!

(For sports that utilize video in the evaluation process):   I have posted a highlight tape, which can be seen at the following URL:   http_______________________________.   

Thank you,


Club Coach Name                                                        HS Coach Name
Email                                                                              Email
Cell phone                                                                     Cell Phone

  Things to consider before you start the recruiting process:      
         (also things to re-evaluate as you go through the process)

Region you would like to attend school
Distance from home you are comfortable with
Academic standing  (prestige of the college)
Size of School
Possible college major
City/Suburban/Country location
The value to you of playing your sport in college, and the cost (time, effort, commitment)      required  to be a college athlete

 Numbers of Schools on your list per year:

            (these numbers can vary, depending on which level of play recruits you)

 Freshmen:   20-30 schools

Sophomores:   20-10 schools

 Juniors:     Depending on sport 5-commited

Senior year:   3-commited