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Cross Country

Cross country

After a 20 year hiatus, the Rams Cross Country program was re-started in the fall of 2014. Since then, it has become more than a fall activity for student participation. It has become:


"A Running Tradition"        

Cross Country is a tightly-knit family of runners who are bound by sweat, tears, and cheers.
Cross Country is not the most popular sport in school.  It is simply the best sport in school.
Cross Country is not for all, rather it is for all who are unafraid to try.
Cross Country is not simply about the race.  Cross Country is all about what you do to prepare for the race.
Cross Country is sitting at lunch with your school mates and being consumed in thought about your race that afternoon.
Cross Country is a team sport that requires incredible individual efforts.
Cross Country is hard work, the kind of hard work that builds strong muscles, stronger minds, and exceptional character.
Cross Country is the never-ending pursuit of a PR or a PB.
                (PR = personal record;  PB = personal best)
Cross Country is your parents, grandparents, and family seated in folding chairs in the middle of the race just to watch you run by once or twice.
Cross Country is scored backwards but everything else about the sport revolves around moving forward as quickly as possible.
Cross Country is the entire team going bonkers as the slowest runner on the team stumbles across the finish line to record a new PR.
Cross Country is a herd of teammates attaining prefect stride cadence as they sprint toward the coaches as another practice comes to a satisfying close.
Cross Country is a starting line of chaotic colorful singlets stretching in a long line at the GMCs.
Cross Country is a bond between runners from opposing teams that is frayed during the heat of the race but melts into lasting friendships on the medal stand.