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Ram Pride

Ram Pride
Mike Romeo

One of the great pleasures that comes with being an Athletic Director is witnessing firsthand the incredible spirit and enthusiasm of our student-athletes. The power of athletics in fostering school pride cannot be overstated. Despite our differences, it's our shared pride that unites us as members of the Wardlaw+Hartridge community.

The winter pre-season has started and our coaches play a pivotal role in nurturing this sense of pride. They are instilling the values necessary to compete. They serve as mentors, guiding our students to become not just better players, but better individuals. Their commitment to fostering a culture of respect, hard work, and excellence is truly commendable. Every game, match, or competition is an opportunity for our students to showcase their dedication, sportsmanship, and the values our coaches instill in them. 

Our student-athletes are often competing against larger schools that have a deeper pool of athletes to choose from. It will not always be easy, so it’s important to remember that one of the great responsibilities that comes with being a student-athlete is that your school community is watching. You do not just represent yourselves; you carry the expectations of a community on your shoulders. Your efforts should showcase the best of who you are and the best of what we can be. Those expectations are not always about winning or losing, but more about how much pride you have wearing the Wardlaw+Hartridge uniform. 

Our athletes are not the only ones contributing to our school's pride. Our student body's involvement in supporting each other's endeavors, whether it's attending games, performances, or academic competitions, exemplifies the strong sense of community we cherish. This winter I hope to witness the stands filled with cheering supporters, proudly displaying their Rams pride. 

With indoor sports like basketball and swimming competing here in our building, I encourage each of you to embrace and embody our school's spirit. Support your fellow Rams not just during games but in their endeavors in and out of the athletic arena. Let's celebrate victories together, learn from setbacks, and always uphold the values that define us.