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Great Day to be a Ram: Reflections May 2019

Great Day to be a Ram:  Reflections     May 2019
Karl Miran

A Great Day to be a Ram: Reflections from Two Senior Leaders

TobeyWhen an athlete finishes their final lap, they are often compelled to put their athletic experience in perspective. “Why,” they ask themselves, “did I sweat and work so hard, all those years? The wins…the losses… what was it all about?” 

That moment of introspection has provided meaningful and memorable moments in recent years at our annual athletic banquet, Rams Recognition Night. This year was no exception, as we heard from Olivia Tobey (a 3-sport captain in soccer, cheer, and softball) and Isaiah Singh (also a 3-sport athlete who was a captain in soccer, and a leader by example in all his competitive endeavors.)  They were chosen by the Captains’ Council, and their mission was to represent the athletic experience of all their classmates. 

Olivia covered many topics, focusing on the camaraderie between teammates, and the sense of school pride and identity that she helped build through one of this year’s undefeated division champion teams. She expressed well the gratitude that our athletes feel for the work of our outstanding and committed coaches and athletic staff.         

Olivia Tobey's speech clip 

Isaiah LJIsaiah spoke passionately about the pride he and his teammates developed from their most valiant efforts, regardless of whether the scoreboard registered a victory or a defeat. He spoke with appreciation for the support his teams received from the school community and also recognized the unbreakable bond he developed with the teammates who shared his competitive zeal.     

Isaiah Singh's speech clip

As we salute the many contributions of the Class of 2019, we include the ways they enhanced the Rams’ athletic legacy. Olivia and Isaiah did a great job summarizing their classmates’ four years in Green and Gold. In many ways, they made it “a great day to be a Ram!”