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Student Testimonials

Students express how they feel about Wardlaw+Hartridge in their own words:

There will always be someone who is in your corner and is rooting for you.

Gbemi O. '24

“When I walk down the hallways of Wardlaw+Hartridge, I feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment. My school has given me a lot of opportunity as a student. If we students have a talent or willingness to do something, our school opens the door of opportunity for us.… It’s like a second home to me.”

Aryan N. '26

“W+H is a school that helps you stand out, not blend in.”

 Tapleen Kaur, '25

Sydney R. '23

Mason P. '32

“It’s the definition of a community. It just makes you want to smile and fills you up with joy.
That’s what makes Wardlaw+Hartridge, Wardlaw+Hartridge.”

Emily O. '27

Braelyn B., Class of 2026

Naischa P., Class of 2023

“What I love about Wardlaw+Hartridge is STEM, art, my teachers, AND center time!”

Emi C., Class of 2033

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