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For over 138 years, The Wardlaw+Hartridge School works as a dedicated community of faculty, staff, parents, students, alumni, and trustees to deliver the mission and core values of the school. Our focus is on providing a superlative education to every student, taking account of individual strengths and talents. Our aim is to ensure that all facets of school life reflect this vision.

We are proud of our community in its efforts to not only strive for educational excellence, but most especially, to strive to make a difference in the world around us. Wardlaw+Hartridge educators and students take the time, care, and interest in one another to call forth his or her best work as they become Pioneering. Thinkers.

 Our goal is to develop students who are prepared to become pioneering thinkers
in any field they choose including ones that do not yet exist. 

Gerard Gonnella, Director of Admission and Financial Aid

Early Childhood

  At The Wardlaw+Hartridge School, our Early Childhood Program lays the foundation for the most formative years in a child's education.  We honor and value childhood by creating nurturing, joyful experiences for children in grades Pre-Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten, and Kindergarten.  With small classes and differentiated instruction, our dedicated Early Childhood teachers cultivate confidence and build independence while providing challenges and academic rigor.  Responsive relationships and positive experiences students have in our Early Childhood Program create the framework for life-long learning.  


Lower School


In the Lower School, the natural curiosity and joy for learning is not only encouraged, it is required. Academic achievement and a true love of learning is evident in the daily life of Lower Schoolers. We develop active problem-solvers. We nurture independent thinkers, and we graduate curious young students who are not only capable of learning but who want to keep learning for the rest of their lives. The Lower School is a place where young children learn what it means to become an engaged student, and how to make the connections between their studies and the world around them.


Middle School

  Middle School at Wardlaw+Hartridge continues to focus on developing the whole child: IQ and EQ.  Beyond just teaching the written curriculum, our faculty and staff engage in the development of students' social relationships, emotional skills, burgeoning identity, and overall well-being. The academic challenges and complexities of the Middle School program provides the space for our students to learn to manage time, solve problems, and pursue goals. Our faculty teaches students to lean into the inherent risk in trying new things to allow them to broaden their interests, inside and outside of the classroom.  


Upper School


In the Upper School, students have access to the world right at their fingertips. The academic program's depth and breadth allows students to interact with both coursework they have never considered and coursework to take their interests further than before. With a vast catalog, including Honors and Advanced Placement classes, students have the time to explore and examine disciplines as they consider how they might pursue careers to influence their world. Coupled with our core curriculum, our Signature Programs provide Upper School students with the mindset, resources, and skills they need to actively and ethically engage in the global community, in college and beyond.