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We understand the investment families make when they commit to a W+H education. We believe the value gained by your child is immeasurable. We promise to provide students with the tools to become successful, thinkers, leaders and pioneers. Our goal is to make sure the return on your investment spreads beyond your family and ours to reach all corners of the world.

Wardlaw+Hartridge goes to great lengths to make an independent school education available to all families.

-Gerard Gonnella, Director of Admission and Financial Aid


Am I REALLY eligible for financial aid?

Gross Household Income
Please Note: The above graphic is an example of how we structure financial aid. However, everyone’s financial profile is unique and requires a personalized review and approach. 

Wardlaw+Hartridge's financial aid is not a loan. It is a reduction in tuition. We take a variety of approaches to help families afford our outstanding education including scholarships and our generous financial aid.

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2024-2025 Tuition

The Wardlaw+Hartridge School is pleased to offer two $12,500 merit scholarships to two qualifying incoming sixth grade applicants and two achievement awards to two qualifying incoming ninth-grade applicants.

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Learn more about our Financial Aid

Wardlaw+Hartridge works to help families afford our educational opportunities through our finanical aid. In addition to tuition, Wardlaw+Hartridge seeks funding from foundations that support excellence in education, holds fund-raising events, uses income from the endowment and relies on gifts to The Wardlaw+Hartridge Fund. Others are investing in your child, too.



W+H uses Clarity to determine a family’s level of financial need based on the information that families share in the application. Learn more about Clarity here or click the button below to begin your application.

To pay your tuition log on to your Tuition Management System (TMS) account using the button below.

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