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Greetings from China
Gerard Gonnella

Gerard Gonnella travels to China each year to visit with international families -- both current parents and prospective families. His blog followed his recent trip there in 2019.

E-Mentoring Empowers Global Engagement
Gerard Gonnella

At Wardlaw+Hartridge, a multicultural community of life-long learners, we strive to keep abreast of innovative practical approaches to meaningful global engagement.

Ni Hao from the Flight Deck
Gerard Gonnella

Taking the time to meet with current international parents is crucial to cultural understanding besides the obvious opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts about the school experience for both the parents and students who are currently attending. Learning and understanding how international families look, view, and see issues is so important in level-setting expectations for all parties.

Guest Blog - It Takes a Village
Gerard Gonnella

With the focus on the “whole student” that includes attending to the social, emotional, cultural, academic, and linguistic needs of every learner, the ELL Mentorship is based on the school values that are carefully examined and meaningfully incorporated into all summer activities and throughout the academic year.

Connections & Understanding
Gerard Gonnella

It has become an October tradition for me to journey to China for recruitment and to visit with our international families.