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Saluting Our Teachers for Their Creativity

Saluting Our Teachers for Their Creativity
Gerard Gonnella

As this most unusual school year heads into its final week, I’m proud of how our faculty and staff was able to adapt to the pandemic and continue providing an excellent education with minimal disruption. We learned how to work from home with children as they coped with new ways of learning, struggling at times not only with online learning but also with wearing a mask and not seeing their friends. The pandemic made all of us learn how to be more creative in our approach to daily tasks and how we conduct ourselves and live our lives.

Despite the many hardships we endured, the pandemic has spurred some positive silver linings. We were able to learn how to work remotely, share screens and ideas and actually shrink the world a little bit because we were able to connect with family, friends and colleagues through various platforms. Being creative in how we approached the school year became our mantra. Learning how to return students to in-person learning while supporting those who needed to remain in distance learning became a strength. Learning how to teach to someone on a screen and in person at the same time made us all dig a little deeper as educators. We were creative in our approach to make sure we connected with every student in every class on every day.

Our teachers were able to inspire, guide, enlighten and motivate our students. They supported our students socially and emotionally in their learning and ensured the level of learning continued to move forward. We continued to deliver a no-compromise education for our students, and our teachers deserve to be commended.

Soon we will look back on this time with awe due to the creativity, dedication and passion that our teachers have for their craft, which allowed them to provide an exceptional experience during the most trying times of our lives.