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Admission Foreword

Welcome to Admission Foreword -- a blog about trends in education by Gerard Gonnella '89, Director of Admission and Financial Aid.

A Constant Force in Uncertain Times

One thing for sure that has remained consistent is The Wardlaw+Hartridge School and its approach to creating a safe learning environment and following the best safety protocols. The school’s steadfast and conscientious approach to safeguarding the students, parents, faculty and staff and its continued commitment to in-person learning have been unwavering.

Wardlaw+Hartridge: Now More Than Ever

A true test of an individual or an organization really comes to light in a crisis. COVID-19 is certainly one of those times when individuals, groups, communities and our Wardlaw+Hartridge family are being tested.

COVID-19 Creates International Admission Challenges

Schools with international students are facing many challenges because of the COVID-19 crisis, and these challenges may continue into the recruitment and admission seasons for the next year or two. Last Friday, I was honored to represent Wardlaw+Hartridge and make a presentation during the National Association for Independent Schools (NAIS) webinar titled Recruiting International Students During and Post COVID-19.

The Gift of Education, Wrapped in Rigorous Inquiry

As we hit the end of January and the last of the holiday decorations are put away for another year, we look ahead to 2020 to make our promises to be better at this, to do more of that and to make more time focus on this. You get my drift, so fill in the blank as needed. The one thing you should consider is: What am I doing to provide my child the best educational experience possible?

Greetings from China

Gerard Gonnella travels to China each year to visit with international families -- both current parents and prospective families. His blog followed his recent trip there in 2019.

Welcome Back!

As the crisp air begins to descend on New Jersey, we’re gearing up for our annual Fall Fair and Homecoming Day a longstanding tradition at The Wardlaw+Hartridge School.

The Value of Rigorous Inquiry

At W+H, students are provided the tools necessary to stimulate rigorous inquiry, in depth research and writing skills so they can express themselves thoughtfully. 

E-Mentoring Empowers Global Engagement

The International Student Program at W+H has recently launched E-Mentoring, an online learning support project that aims at empowering students with their learning.

Cultivating Character and Conduct

A school’s culture and curriculum should directly and unwaveringly align with your family’s values. Your child’s teachers should uphold your own approach to discipline and model what it means to be a compassionate and thoughtful adult.

What is Character?

As Helen Keller famously said, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

The start of each school year is truly special. Whether you are a returning family or new to our community, September is a moment of promise, potential and limitless opportunity.

The Culture of Communication and Collaboration at W + H

At Wardlaw + Hartridge, we make a deliberate effort to listen carefully to our international families because we want to make sure they feel accepted, understood, and valued as a coherent and well-integrated part of a larger school community.

Academic Rigor:  The Deciding Factor?

“Rigor is not just about giving harder tests, assigning more homework, or providing extra credit for overachievers. Academic rigor is about creating challenging, engaging, and engrossing lessons that encourage each student to think in new ways.” 

Show Wisdom and Resilience at Decision Time

One of the key factors admission offices seek in candidates is adaptability. How a student manages the news of a school’s admissions decision is a great, real-life opportunity to practice and demonstrate this resilience and adaptability

Apply with Integrity

Be proud of who you are and share that inner you with the reader. You will be surprised how astute admission committees are and how quickly they can decipher who has done their own application or if it was polished just enough.