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The foundations of the Upper School are instructional excellence, student opportunity, and a supportive community environment within a diverse college-preparatory curriculum.In addition to a rigorous and diverse college preparatory curriculum, the majority of our students are active participants in athletics, visual and performing arts as members of the band, concert choir, drama productions, visual arts courses, sports teams, and more. Involvement in the arts and athletics provides the basis for life-long avenues of self-expression. Intimate and dynamic classroom environments provide ongoing opportunities for our faculty to interact with students in meaningful ways. Students in the Upper School are empowered to challenge themselves on a daily basis.

The Upper School curriculum offers a variety of required and elective subjects leading to the Wardlaw+Hartridge diploma.  The Academic Program for Grades Nine through Twelve requires all students to accumulate at least sixteen credits each school year.  This selection of courses must focus primarily on fulfilling the requirements in English Mathematics, Science, History, World Languages, Fine and Performing Arts, and Health & Physical Education.  The Global Scholars Program is the heart and highlight of our Upper School Curriculum.  Students have the opportunity to dig in learning about current international challenges while developing positive dispositions toward global stewardship.  

Our program of studies at the Upper School level is reflective of the rich diversity that is our student body; we offer a catalog of core and elective courses with depth and breath in topic and discipline which help us to promote an equitable, just, and inclusive community that inspires students to respect the perspectives and opinions of others, develop reflective and critical thinking skills, adapt to changing landscapes, and promote a strong sense of identity.  Contact us to learn more about our private high school program as well as the preK, elementary and middle school programs at Wardlaw + Hartridge - a leading private and independent school in New Jersey.

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Distance Learning in Upper School

The approach to distance learning in Middle School uses a deliberate mix of live sessions, pre-recorded teacher videos, asynchronous student work, synchronous group and class meetings, teacher office hours, and consistent live advisory meetings and advisor check-ins. Lessons and activities are scaffolded thoughtfully and personalized wherever possible to ensure each student enjoys success and a strong sense of competency. Opportunities for student-driven inquiry and alternative assessment models feature prominently in the design of distance learning for our students. 

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