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Academic Highlights

The Upper School at Wardlaw+Hartridge provides academic opportunities to challenge exceptional students and develop emerging scholars.  Our program of studies at the Upper School level is reflective of the rich diversity that is our student body. From the moment they enter our school, students are living in, not just preparing for, a world of global interconnection.


Under the guidance of qualified faculty, we have to strands of research conducted at our school in partnership with several universities and laboratories. One area of research is using drosophila melanogaster (the common fruit fly) as a model for human gene function and disease. Our students work in collaboration with labs at the Stowers Institute of Medical Research in Kansas City, MO; Sun IT Solutions in Bangalore, India; Trinity College in Hartford, CT; and Rutgers University in Piscataway, NJ. Our Upper School students are able to participate in research which is making an impact today.


Private High School in Edison, NJ
Private High School in Edison, NJ


The bi-annual Upper School Symposium is intended to focus on a critical global issue. It is planned and organized by a team of students, teachers, and administrators. Students nominate topics for the Symposia and are vital members of each stage in planning as well as helping to run the full-day, all-division event. Recent Symposium topics have included: Race & Identity (2021); LGBTQ Identity (2019); Refugee Crisis (2017); World Hunger (2015); Human Trafficking (2013).


Wardlaw+Hartridge Upper School offers thirty-five Honors or Advanced Placement courses. The Advanced Placement (AP) courses follow a curriculum approved by the College Board and present college-level work to Upper School students. The pace of Advanced Placement courses requires above-average skills related to independent work, critical-thinking, and reasoning skills.  Students must show proficiency in and successful completion of pre-requisites to enroll in the next level course. 

Private High School in Edison, NJ
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The Global Scholars Program offers an opportunity for students to enhance their experience as a student in our community, and to engage more fully in the world beyond the walls of the school building. Students may elect to become a GSP candidate at the end of their Ninth Grade year. Enabling students to explore a wide range of co-curricular elective courses, engage in service learning locally and abroad, and develop relationships across time and space with partners schools in other countries prepares our graduates to go out into the world with confidence.


The interdisciplinary course provides Seniors with the resources, framework, and instruction necessary to demonstrate long-term, integrated, academic achievement. Led by a Capstone instructor who will oversee work and monitor progress, students hone and broaden their academic research, scholarly writing, and presentation skills. Students conduct scholarly research to produce a unique and comprehensive final product, in addition to a thesis. The final thesis is published as a part of the collection located in The Sonawalla Center for Global Learning. 


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