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Upper School Symposium

The Wardlaw+Hartridge Upper School Biennial Symposium 

The Wardlaw+Hartridge Biennial Symposium was first established in 2013 with a day long event focused on the issue of Human Trafficking.  Since its inception, every other year a committee of students and faculty come together to craft and present a day-long Upper School symposium centered around a global issue.  Planning includes pre-symposium advisory activities, professional development for faculty and staff, and developing an engaging learning platform for all Upper School students.

Past topics include:

  • 2013 - Human Trafficking

  • 2014 - Conflict Resolution 

  • 2015 - World Hunger

  • 2017 - Inclusive Communities: Refugee Crisis

  • 2019 - Inclusive Communities: LBGTQ, Gender and Identity

  • 2021 - Inclusive Communities:  Race and Identity

Our school values a supportive community and one way we can become more supportive is to learn to respect and care for the many identities that walk our hallways.

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This is something that's going on around the world. It's always better to know more about the world around you.- Divya Mehta
Class of 2014 

Dr. Robert Bowman

Head of Upper School