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INDIE Film Festival

The INDIE Film Festival is a film competition for Upper School Students, hosted by The Wardlaw-Hartridge School. The INDIE began in 2014 and is held annually.  The intention of the INDIE is to raise awareness regarding current global issues.  Since the debut year, our student filmmakers have used the INDIE to express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions with regard to a global issue or event they are passionate about. Student work is evaluated by a panel of judges in the film industry. The Middle School students and the Fifth Grade students in the Lower School have the opportunity to take part in the INDIE by submitting their commercials and short films prior to the event.  The long term goal is to create a festival that includes independent schools, statewide, who compete in various categories and formally celebrate their achievements with a showcase.  Through the INDIE, we intend to create a forum to showcase student work, while allowing students to have artistic freedom, cultivate leadership skills, and do so all through a global lens.  As global citizens, we all have stories, our stories have voices, and those voices deserve to be heard.  

Attending the INDIE, I am able to see the world through the lens of my classmates and friends, thus, gaining a new perspective on issues we face as a community.-Emily Calderon '20

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