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Middle School Curriculum

The Middle School curriculum is designed to engage and challenge students as they transition from the structure of the Lower School to the independence required of Upper School students.  Moving from class to class, experiencing different teachers, and their teaching styles, organizing a locker, and taking more responsibility all play an important part in preparing Middle School students for their future academic endeavors. 

Hands-on, student-directed learning and energetic involvement are integral to instruction in the Middle School. The advisory program fosters strong bonds between students with particular attention given to social and emotional well-being and the development of positive growth-oriented mindsets. The advisory program forms the foundation for fostering eight critical character and life skills: Resilience, Creativity, Curiosity, Time Management, Teamwork, Ethics, Empathy, and Citizenship.   Middle School introduces young adolescents to increasing levels of independence and accountability. The academic program includes a focus on developing research skills, writing across the curriculum, and service-learning, all of which align with our Core Values and mission to “prepare students to lead and succeed in a world of global interconnection.”  

Our Middle School program is designed to meet the needs of students during these years of remarkable cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth by gradually preparing them for the rigors of Upper School. A departmental structure allows faculty across Middle and Upper divisions to plan a cohesive program of studies that is rich in experiences necessary to prepare students with great confidence, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.  Contact us to learn more about our private middle school program as well as the preK, elementary and high school programs at Wardlaw + Hartridge - a leading private and independent school in New Jersey.

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Middle School Grades

Middle School Electives

Each student in the Middle School is encouraged to explore and develop individual interests and passions.  Our elective program is structured to introduce students to an array of co-curricular topics and activities.  Elective options may vary from year-to-year and students are invited to nominate new electives based on their own ideas. This year-long program allows students in the Middle School to take part in academic pursuits in mixed grade groupings, providing them with diverse sets of peer groups.  

Courses can vary from year to year, with new electives added and existing electives updated as necessary. Some electives include:

Middle School Advisory Program

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Unique partnerships between home and school are supported through an intentional advisory program. Each student is paired with an advisor beginning in Sixth Grade and will remain with that advisor throughout their Middle School years. Small cohorts of between ten and twelve students form advisory groups; these small groupings allow advisors and advisees to build strong relationships built on mutual trust and respect. Advisors meet with their advisory group each morning, eat lunch with them for midday conversation, and hold scheduled advisor meetings, during which activities are conducted to hone the essential life skills of Resilience, Creativity, Curiosity, Time Management, Teamwork, Ethics, Empathy, and Citizenship. Advisory serves also develop test preparation strategies, note-taking, organization, performance, and public speaking, active listening, and effective study habits.

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