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Promoting Peace and Understanding

Promoting Peace and Understanding
JohnEric Advento

While the coming two weeks of Spring Break will provide a needed relief from a difficult period related to COVID-19, it will not be without new concerns. 

The news from Ukraine has left the world shocked, deeply concerned for all of those impacted, and uncertain about how the situation will resolve. As an independent, multicultural school, we have connections, friends and families from both Ukraine and Russia. These are our friends and family members, students and colleagues, and we express the same love and appreciation for them as we always have. There is no room for anger toward any member of our community for the actions of their government – something I believe we can all appreciate.

It is instances like these that call us all to reflect on the values that our W+H community holds most important, including our belief that open-mindedness, empathy and compassion are essential for living in a diverse community. I have come to know several educators overseas. One is the School Director at Perchersk School International (PSI) in Kyiv, Ukraine. Please find PSI Kyiv's support initiatives, including a collection of ways to raise awareness and to stand with Ukraine, at

As students hear about these current events, they will likely be filled with questions about those affected, as well as questions about their own well-being. Some students or families may need additional emotional or other support due to this situation. If you have concerns or know of someone in need, please reach out to W+H and speak with one of our school counselors or me. You are also welcome to email me directly.

In the meantime, let us keep all of those impacted by this situation in our hearts and minds, continue to support one another in our own community, and ensure that we are all working toward a more peaceful world, both in our words and our actions. 

If you as a family want to talk about and promote peace, here is one way to do it. Please find below a global student-driven project: Art For Peace in Ukraine. It's a powerful way for our students to create and share messages of peace, joining in a worldwide map of support. Learn how to get involved at