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Lower School Curriculum

In the Wardlaw+Hartridge Lower School, the primary aim is to provide a nurturing environment in which children develop an awareness of themselves as responsible, capable learners; a respect for others and themselves; and an appreciation for their own and their classmates' talents. As they progress through our Lower School, the children retain their natural excitement about learning and are stimulated to discover and develop their strengths.  

Learning in Pre-Kindergarten through Fourth Grade takes place in small, self-contained classes.  In Fifth Grade, students experience a taste of departmentalization with the classroom teachers specializing in either Language Arts & Social Studies or Mathematics & Science. The homeroom teachers provide a challenging academic program that includes discrete and inter-disciplinary work within Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. The faculty, at each grade level, work with each other to develop units of instruction, special projects, activities, and trips to stimulate intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.

Children attend special subject area classes taught by faculty who are professionally trained for that specific discipline. Each special subject teacher has designed a curriculum developmentally appropriate to each grade level.  This curriculum often complements the homeroom curriculum.  Students move up to Middle School with a solid knowledge and skill base, are confident in their abilities, value learning and respect one another. Contact us to learn more about our private elementary school program as well as the preKmiddle and high school programs at Wardlaw + Hartridge - a leading private and independent school in New Jersey.

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Distance Learning in Lower School

Distance learning for the Lower School students is a mix of live sessions, pre-recorded videos, assigned work, and independent projects, along with regular check-ins.  Students in the Lower School have both off- and on-screen learning activities designed to engage in experiences that connect to the curriculum and continue their learning.  Throughout the Lower School, the balance of synchronous and asynchronous learning differs by grade and discipline, providing developmentally appropriate, targeted instruction and practice.  

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