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The Lower School is a learning environment where academic achievement is enmeshed with developing a true love of learning at the elementary school level.  We cultivate joyful learning where students thrive through careful nurturing of their own interests in harmony with expanding their developing academic skills. Daily, students and teachers are absorbed in deep discussions. They are experimenting and asking thought-provoking questions. Time and space are made for these questions to be explored. In this atmosphere, students see themselves as strong, independent thinkers who are empowered in academic, artistic and social realms.

Because of our inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning, we prioritize higher-order thinking and building habits of mind.  Students work collaboratively in small groups and whole class projects in addition to working one-on-one with a teacher to practice skills that are important for future academic growth. This enables us to develop active problem-solvers, to nurture independent thinkers, and to graduate curious young students who are not only capable of learning but who will want to keep learning for the rest of their lives. This is what makes us proud to be a top private and independent elementary school for students all around Middlesex County, New Jersey and beyond!

Private Private Elementary School Middlesex County

 Lower School develops active problem-solvers, nurtures independent thinkers, and graduates curious young students.

Mr. JohnEric Advento
Head of Lower School 

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