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Distance Learning in Middle School

The approach to distance learning in Middle School uses a deliberate mix of live sessions, pre-recorded teacher videos, asynchronous student work, synchronous group and class meetings, teacher office hours, and consistent live advisory meetings and advisor check-ins. Lessons and activities are scaffolded thoughtfully and personalized wherever possible to ensure each student enjoys success and a strong sense of competency. Opportunities for student-driven inquiry and alternative assessment models feature prominently in the design of distance learning in Middle School. 

A single Learning Management System (LMS) is utilized for distance learning instruction and engagement: Power School. A similar structure to each teacher’s Power School page provides students and families who are at home providing support with a familiar interface across grades and disciplines. At the start of the school year, each teacher spends time orienting students to the LMS and frequently used applications, such as the Google Suite. 

Great attention is given to the social and emotional well-being of students, with special online events and gatherings designed to bring cohorts of students and teachers together for discussion and sharing. Increased outreach by advisors and school counselors during distance learning mode ensures we are doing our best to support each child and family.


The approach to distance learning in Middle School uses a deliberate mix of instructional strategies and techniques. Middle School teachers intentionally create opportunities for student-driven inquiry providing the space for each students to enjoy success and a strong sense of competency.

Middle School Distance Learning

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of W+H Middle School Distance Learning

Seventh Grade Science

Our Seventh Graders created Rube Goldberg Devices to apply their knowledge of simple machines.

Physical Education

Physical Education Teacher, Mike Romeo, talks about what Middle School Physical Education looked like in Distance Learning.

A Week of Distance Learning in MS

The first week of distance learning in Middle School was filled with many different activities.

Cooking with Chef Anibal

Every Thursday, Chef Anibal Rodriguez joined the Middle Schoolers for cooking lessons. Students learned to make mini-pizzas and personal-sized cakes using simple ingredients and safe cooking techniques.

Service Learning...from a Distance

Even during distance learning, W+H Middle School students spent time doing things to serve others. While at home Middle Schoolers continued to live the ethos of service.

Kudos for all of the exceptional work you have done to set up this transition so beautifully! This is by far the most organized, well thought through transition to distance learning we have seen.

-The Majkowski Family

Middle School Distance Learning Contacts