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Distance Learning in Early Childhood

Distance Learning for Early Childhood students remains holistically focused on broad language, cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development with a focus on Kindergarten-readiness in Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten.  Learning activities and experiences emphasize interaction and creativity while balancing projects that can be assessed from a distance.  

Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten teachers focus on establishing an online learning community.  They use regular Morning Meetings several times a week to build comfort and engagement with a digital learning format.  Routines are put in place to allow students to navigate both synchronous sessions and asynchronous activities.  Kindergarten teachers continue their work to support and guide their students in becoming confident, self-reliant, and resilient students.  Kindergarteners are developing their independent academic habits, leadership abilities and utilize their communication skills as they grow, becoming more self-sufficient students. 

Teachers create videos to welcome and explain the learning approach and focus for lessons. Early Childhood teachers deliver instruction and creative design ideas intended to provide students with opportunities to process their academic experiences while developing cognitive, language and fine-motor skills. Teachers also supplement the regular curriculum with recommended activities targeted at developmental levels, and prompts designed to encourage children and families to engage in their environment while at home. 

Early Childhood teachers deliver instruction and creative design ideas intended to develop cognitive, language and fine-motor skills and  provide students with opportunities to process their academic experiences while encouraging children to engage in their environment.


Mrs. Vargas and Mrs. Hurler read to their students throughout the week to support early literacy in the Pre-Kindergarten students.

Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten learns about animals with their teachers Ms. Iwamaye and Miss Huffman.


Mrs. Geissler and Mrs. Quinones teach the Kindergarteners about the rainforest through stories, videos, and interactive projects.


The Kindergarten Teachers guide students through 'Rainbow Writing' to help learn sight words and have fun!

Pre-K Music

Music Teacher Shannon Sari creates videos to keep her youngest students engaged in being Tuneful, Artful and Beatful.

JK Physical Education

Mike Romeo, Lower School Physical Education teacher, instructs the Junior Kindergarteners in the art of pitching.

Kindergarten Spanish

In Kindergarten Spanish, students practice listening and speaking in Spanish and learn how to dance the cumbia with teacher Maria Hinestroza.

The Kindergarten teachers put a lot of thought into the videos they create for the children.  They are well-thought-out, organized and easy to follow. My daughter and I both enjoy watching them.  Thanks for always putting families first.

-The Bell Family

Early Childhood Distance Learning Contacts