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Meet Our Graduates

Meet Ariana Di Landro '21

The biggest aspect of my W+H experience is the intimate community I have formed. I have learned what loyalty means and how to gain one’s trust. The close relationships I have formed with certain teachers have helped me see the world from an adult perspective and challenged me academically in the classroom setting to become a diligent worker and curious thinker. These relationships have made me become the best version of myself and I can't wait to discover similar, if possible, stronger relationships at a top university like Princeton.”

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Meet Cami Martinez '21

“The Capstone class within the Global Scholars Program at W+H has prepared me for future success in college. It provided me with the opportunity to conduct original research that I never thought I would be doing during my time in high school. It has given me an early start to conduct research which I hope to continue at Carnegie Mellon.”

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Meet Jessie Ni '21

"In terms of college counseling, Mrs. Honan was THE PERFECT advisor for me. She is always on top of things. She is always in touch with admission officers and she teaches me how to communicate with them effectively. She holds passion in her work and she is great at it. From college list, to application details, to essays, she guided me through everything I once worried about."

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Meet Lisa Li '21

"I am so grateful to have Ms. Honan to be my college counselor, who has always been communicating with me, supporting me and addressing all my concerns during the stressful college application process. She is so dedicated that she has given me great help from navigating my whole application process to revising and proofreading every essay and supplement."

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Meet Noah Apter '21

"Mr. Teare guided me with wisdom and total support from beginning to end of the college process. Not a day went by when we didn’t touch base or communicate in some way. I count his honest and profound advice and guidance as one of the major factors in my admission to Penn.”

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Meet Zain Lee-Briggs '21

“Mr. Teare is very knowledgeable about the college application process and I found his personal experiences to be indispensable. Meeting and speaking with him about different worries, struggles and concerns throughout the college application process really helped me create the best application I possibly could.”

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