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Class of 2024 College Acceptances






The Wardlaw+Hartridge School Class of 2024 has traveled a rewarding journey during its time in high school, including their college selection, application and acceptance process. The students of this creative and intelligent class are garnering an outstanding list of college acceptances from some of the nation's top colleges and universities. 

Meet members of the Class of 2024

Harvard University

Luke Tan ’24 is excited to be enrolling at Harvard University, where he will major in Environmental Science & Public Policy. 

Emory University

Hannah Yin ’24, a Wardlaw+Hartridge lifer, is excited to be matriculating to Emory University, where she plans to major in biology. 


Northeastern University

Vineel Bandla, a Wardlaw+Hartridge lifer, will attend Northeastern University to major in Computer Science and is also considering pursuing a law degree. 

University of Pennsylvania

Heidi Pan ’24 is excited to be enrolling at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall. 


George Washington University

Naomi Valcourt ’24, a W+H lifer, is excited to be matriculating to The George Washington University, where she plans to pursue a double major in Psychological & Brain Sciences and Marketing. 

Washington University

Max Ren ’24, an international student, is excited to be attending Washington University in St. Louis to major in mathematics and experience more academic challenges at the university level.


New York University

Raiya Patel ’24 will be matriculating to New York University’s College of Arts and Sciences, where she plans to double major in Economics and International Studies. 

Brown University

Joanne Ding ’24 is excited to continue her academic journey at Brown University studying Applied Mathematics, and exploring her options as the university’s Open Curriculum allows for change in the future. 


Binghamton University

Diya Patel ’24, a W+H lifer, is enrolling at Binghamton University, where she received a Presidential Scholarship. She plans to study neuroscience on the pre-medical track.  

Fordham University

Jaiden Patel ’24 s looking forward to attending Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business. 


Rutgers University

Shachee Kumar ’24 will be attending Rutgers University in New Brunswick in the fall. She plans to major in psychology on the pre-law track.

Franklin & Marshall College

Cameron Switsky ’24 is looking forward to the next stage of his academic journey at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. 


Boston University

Sanya Sidhu ’24, is matriculating to Boston University, where she will major in neuroscience on a pre-med track and take advantages of the performing arts opportunities.

Sacred Heart University

Sydney Geissler ’24, is a Wardlaw+Hartridge lifer who is looking forward to beginning an exciting new chapter of her life at Sacred Heart University, where she will major in nursing.


University of Pennsylvania

Gbemi Olarewaju ’24 will be matriculating to the University of Pennsylvania, where she was one of 24 students globally accepted into the Roy Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management (LSM).

Boston University

Charlie Silver ’24, a Wardlaw+Hartridge lifer, is excited to be enrolling at Boston University after receiving early decision admission. Charlie will be majoring in Electrical Engineering.


Emory University

Anushka Dalal ’24, a Wardlaw+Hartridge lifer, ill matriculate to Emory University in Atlanta. Anushka plans to major in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology at Emory.

Marist College

Jack Singer ’24, will continue his academic and life journey at Marist College. Jack intends to major in global studies and explore political science, international business, economics and more.


New York University

Demi Dai ’24, an international student, will matriculate to New York University after receiving an early decision acceptance in NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with the intent to major in Interactive Media Art.

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Sarah Alves ’24 will be matriculating to Fairleigh Dickinson University as a student athlete in the fall. Sarah plans to major in psychology and will compete on the softball team at FDU.


University of Pennsylvania

Claire Lu ’24 was accepted early decision to continue her academic career at the University of Pennsylvania where she has also landed a spot on its Division 1 collegiate team.

Columbia University

Sarah Shao will matriculate to Columbia University to continue her studies and golf career. Sarah intends to pursue a major in Economics and expanding her academic horizons through the core curriculum.


New York University

Timmy Xu ’24, an international student attending Wardlaw+Hartridge since ninth grade, is excited to be enrolling at New York University, where he plans to major in Media, Communication and Culture. 

Boston University

Zara Zaidi, a Wardlaw+Hartridge lifer, is excited to continue her academic and life journey at Boson University majoring in biology with a specialization in neurobiology in the College of Arts and Sciences.  

Boston University

Amandeep Bahia ’24 is excited to be enrolling at Boston University following an early decision acceptance. Amandeep will be majoring in general biology on a pre-med track.

Barnard College

Samina Aziz ’24 is thrilled to be matriculating to Barnard College. A Wardlaw+Hartridge lifer, Samina is excited to begin the next phase of her life journey at a college she’s been eyeing for many years.