College Acceptances

The Wardlaw+Hartridge School Class of 2021 has experienced a unique journey in so many aspects of their high school career, including their college selection, application and acceptance process. Despite all the obstacles placed in their paths, the students of this resilient and bright class are garnering an outstanding list of college acceptances and early decisions from some of the nations top colleges and universities. 


Meet Ariana Di Landro ’21, who will continue her academic journey at Princeton University after gaining Early Decision acceptance in December.



Meet Olivia Brown ’21, who is excited to be enrolling at Bucknell University next fall after her Early Decision acceptance.



Meet Zane Lee-Briggs ’21, who will be matriculating to Amherst College after receiving the wonderful news of his Early Decision acceptance in December.


University of Miami

Meet Alex Caiola ’21, who’s looking forward to the best of all worlds at the University of Miami after earning his Early Decision acceptance.



University of Pennsylvania

Meet Noah Apter ’21, who is thrilled to be matriculating to the University of Pennsylvania after receiving his Early Decision acceptance.


Vassar College

Meet Sara Reiss ’21, who will be matriculating to Vassar College after receiving Early Decision acceptance in December.



Meet Rihan Sajid ’21, who is proud to be continuing his academic journey at Princeton University after gaining Early Decision acceptance.



New York University

Meet Scarlett Ying ’21, who will be enrolling at New York University in the fall. Scarlett was looking for big things during her college search and she found her match in NYU, a big university in a big city.



Meet Lisa Li ’21, who is matriculating to Cornell University after earning early decision admission in December. Lisa has developed a passion for bioresearch and neuroscience and plans to major in Human Development in the College of Human Ecology.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Meet George Zhong ’21, who will matriculate to Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute in the fall. George was seeking a university offering a top-notch program within the field of aeronautic and mechanical engineering, which he intends to focus on at RPI.


Boston University

Frank was looking to study in a big community and found a great setting in Boston.


New York University

Meet Pranay Arora ’21, who will attend the Stern School of Business at New York University.


Marist College

Meet Douglas Sottile ’21, who will be attending Marist College after his recent early decision acceptance. Douglas knew what he was looking for in the early stages of his college search and found the perfect match in Marist.


University of Rochester

Meet Mandy Fan ’21, an international student who will matriculate to the University of Rochester after receiving early decision admission. She plans to major in biology and biomedical science.


Emory University

Meet Jessie Ni ’21, an international student who will be enrolling at Emory University after her recent early decision acceptance. Jessie has not decided on her major but is leaning toward a subject in the social sciences. She’s certainly looking forward to returning to city life.


University of Chicago

Meet Michele Peruzzo ’21, who is excited to continue his educational journey at the University of Chicago after earning early decision admission to one of the finest science institutions of higher learning in the Midwest and nation.