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Young Alumni Share Experiences, Advice with Parents, Students

Rudy Brandl

Young alumni returned to campus for panel discussions with parents and students on January 5. This year’s panel included Ramon Gonzalez ’22 (Columbia University), Izabel Korycki ’22 (Rutgers University), Rose Kassam '22 (Boston University), Ariana Di Landro '21 (Princeton University) and Calum Huang ’22 (Villanova University). Both discussions, for parents in the Oakwood Room and students in the Berry Performing Arts Center, were moderated by Sarah Honan, Director of College Counseling, and Alayne Birnhak, Associate Director of College Counseling.

This year’s panel again featured a broad array of college sizes and locations, including some in major cities and others near big cities. Large state institutions and medium sized schools were represented. The panelists are studying a wide variety of subjects including Computer Science, Biology, Business Analytics, Political Science and Engineering.

Both discussions began with the young alumni introducing themselves and sharing their major or intended fields of study, along with information about other activities and interests. Other common elements included a discussion of how students selected their colleges and universities, class sizes at their respective institutions, and how W+H prepared them for college. 

“W+H gives you an opportunity to dip your toes in so many things, and that really helped me build who I am today,” Izabel said.

“Wardlaw provides so many supports and there are lots of people here to help you,” Calum added.

The young alumni also offered some good advice for students and parents:

“Focus on building good habits,” Ramon said.

“Be confident in yourself. Everyone has their own path,” Rose added.

“Just take a step back and realize that everything is going to be OK,” Ariana said.