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W+H Students Attend Youth Climate Summit

Rudy Brandl

Six W+H students attended Columbia University’s Youth Climate Summit during Spring Break. The summit was designed to teach students “about climate change on a personal level through plenary speakers and workshops that demonstrate actionable ways to engage in the climate movement.”

The virtual event featured environmental experts, research professors and recycling professionals sharing their knowledge and experience with high school students. Attendees received the latest climate change research-based information about the science and learned the economic and ecological consequences of climate change. They also learned strategies to respond and adapt to climate change and, in the process, save their schools and communities money. The students are working on a climate action plan to help increase and make more precise recycling efforts at the school. 

W+H students who attended the Columbia University Youth Climate Summit were Suniti Shah ’21, Mikayla Cole ’21, Camila Martinez ’21, Zoe Rose ’21, Vinay Karthik ‘25 and Adam Eisdorfer ’25.