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Vijay Sisters Recognized for Guinness World Record

Rudy Brandl

Siblings Akira Vijay ’32 and Kiara Vijay ’35 were awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award on May 12. Akira received the gold medal and Kiara received the silver medal. They also received their Guinness World Record official certificates.  The awards were presented by Mr. Pedro Antonio Guazo Alonso, a representative of the United Nations Secretary-General, and Mr. Biral Patel, President of the Edison Township Board of Education.

The girls support a battery recycling program (RecycleMyBattery) and have placed recycling bins at The Wardlaw+Hartridge School and in the public libraries in Woodbridge Township. Each month they clear out these bins and send the used batteries for recycling with the partner firm call2recycle. The girls also conduct battery drives and campaign for battery recycling in their respective scout troops, classroom, neighborhood and in their township’s Earth Day events. Earlier this academic year, the girls and the initiative won the Guinness World Record for the longest line of batteries (31,204).