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Sixth Graders Explore Frost Valley

Rudy Brandl

Sixth graders embarked on the annual outdoor class adventure trip to Frost Valley last week. The students, accompanied by chaperones Mrs. Andrea Barnett, Mrs. Erika Del Rocco, Ms. Zoe Bongiovanni and Mr. Jeffrey Martin, spent three action-packed days in Claryville, NY.

The students experienced many adventures and took advantage of opportunities for growth while connecting with nature. Spectacular late summer weather enabled the students and chaperones to enjoy all the beauty of the landscape.    

Trip highlights included hiking to a cable bridge, investigating the pond ecosystem, learning about apples, picking them from an orchard and taking turns putting apples into a traditional cider press and turning the crank. Students helped each other lift into the air as "Flying Squirrels” or “Flying Fish," which was a thrilling activity. They also learned about maps and orienteering, met a giant snake, and enjoyed a beautiful view of the starry sky during a walk at night. As part of the annual tradition, the group sang around a campfire and enjoyed s’mores on the last night of the trip.