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Seventh Graders Learn About Thomas Edison

Rudy Brandl

The seventh graders kicked off their school year with a field trip and movie screen centered around our own local history on Friday, September 17. Chaperones Mrs. Kirstin Rogers, Ms. Tamica Van Dunk and Ms. Henna Tailor accompanied the students.

First, students visited the Thomas Edison Memorial Museum at Menlo Park, right here in our hometown of Edison. Students began the day with a docent guided tour and demonstration of the museum's collection, where they learned not only about Thomas Edison's childhood and life, but also about the details of his inventions. Students learned about the invention of the lightbulb and the history of recorded sound. This was especially exciting as the students were able to try out and listen to a variety of early gramophones and record players! Next, students explored the Edison Memorial Tower, which houses the world's largest working lightbulb, and tried out several hands-on experiments utilizing electricity and power. 

After exploring the museum, the students enjoyed a picnic lunch and time together outdoors before returning to campus for a screening of the film The Current War, a 2019 film detailing the competition between Edison and his competitors - Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse - to develop an electric network that would bring electricity to the world. The fabulous day was an excellent start to the students’ seventh grade year.