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Seniors Address Important Themes in Speeches

Rudy Brandl

Four seniors delivered their speeches and addressed themes within the past week in the Berry Performing Arts Center – Rithvik Nandhyala ’23 (pictured), Charles Chang ’23, Aydin Aziz ’23 and Aishani Basu ’23. 

Rithvik discussed the meaning and importance of his name and how it relates to his identity. After being given a nickname in fourth grade, Rithvik has reclaimed his identity and prefers the full name that was given to him by his grandfather.

Charles also explored the topic of identity and how his own questions have kept him awake at night. He has learned that different people have different perspectives and that one’s identity can change with time and what they want to be.

Aydin shared stories about a few of his “bad days” and how he has grown and learned from those experiences. He has discovered that bad days can also lead to good conversations and interesting essay topics.

Aishani spoke about the influential people in her life, most importantly her parents, brother, uncle, teachers and best friends. All of these people have made an impact on her through various experiences and interests, including music and literature.