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Senior Speeches Address Various Insightful Themes

Rudy Brandl

Four seniors delivered their speeches within the past week in the Berry Performing Arts Center – Victor Liang ’23 (pictured), Amy Sun ’23, Jackie Huang ’23 and Samson Ajayi ’23. The speeches addressed a variety of themes including sustainability, inspiration, friendship and spontaneity.

Victor shared fond recollections of his four years at W+H with special attention to his strong interest in sustainability and fighting pollution that began during a trip in his freshman year. He encouraged his peers to make time to protect the environment.

Amy reflected on her memories of how her father inspired her to follow her dreams and interests. Instead of insisting she take advanced match classes, he wanted Amy to study art and pursue what she enjoys and Amy has become a talented artist.

Jackie spoke about the importance of good and true friendships and how they have helped him in the past few years. These relationships were especially important during the pandemic, a time when many people felt isolated.

Samson discussed how the emotional toll of the pandemic converted him into a more active, spontaneous student. Instead of settling into his old routines, he made it his mission to become more involved in school activities and encouraged his peers to live in the moment and don’t be stagnant.