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Middle School Students Honor Women’s History Month

Rudy Brandl

Middle School students have dedicated a portion of their two March community meetings to celebrating Women’s History Month. 

At the March 6 meeting, student host Shweta Saravanan ’28 began by introducing a video promoting Women’s History Month, covering how it was born and why it’s observed in March. The video traced the roots of a movement that began with the observance of a single day and eventually increased to a week and now a full month. In 1987, Congress officially declared March as Women’s History Month.

Students Anika Kumar ’29, Kemi Kolawole ’29 and Daania Watson-Willis ’29 shared a presentation on Sybil Ludington at the March 13 meeting. They discussed her life, legacy and impact as the 16-year-old girl who successfully completed a 40-mile ride on her horse to warn American soldiers that the British were coming in 1777. 

The March 13 meeting included a presentation by student host Lexington Donahue ’30 and classmate Shaina Patel ’30 on the Women’s Rights and Women’s Suffrage movements that included brief biographies of activist Susan B. Anthony and philosopher Elizabeth Cady Stanton.