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Middle School Students Bond at Full Division Cardboard Regatta

Rudy Brandl

The entire Middle School participated in the annual Cardboard Regatta on June 7.  This has been a sixth grade tradition for almost a decade and is the perfect way to end a year that focuses on building time management and teamwork skills. This year, seventh and eighth graders participated because the school was unable to hold a regatta at the end of their sixth grade years due to COVID-19.

Each grade was randomly divided into a boat crew of 4-5 students and presented with the challenge: to design and build a cardboard boat, in a set amount of time, which is capable of completing the quickest lap in the school swimming pool, powered by two on board sailors from their crew. Although every crew is given the same set of supplies, no two boats ever look alike!  This year, the Middle School raced 24 boats across the swimming pool and even though only eight boats actually made it across, it was great to see the teamwork and creativity everyone put into their vessels!  

2022 Regatta Awards

Most Enthusiastic Crew – This includes the sailing and land-based crews.

BOAT 7-4 Elana Nieporent, Rewa Gandhi, Dev Nihalani and Saadia St. Victor

Green & Gold – The boat with the most W-H inspired theme.

BOAT 7-5 Saif Zaidi, Coco Lee, Nailah Frias and Aidan Murphy

Most Creative Theme – Given to the boat that most creatively expresses a theme.

BOAT 6-2 Evan Moreira, Devin Virdi, Samaiya July and Aphrodite Deng

Most Creative Use of Cardboard – Given to the crew that is truly inventive with their cardboard.

BOAT 8-2 Pratham Gandhi, CJ Strauss, Charlotte Szczubelek & Ryan Maciorowski

People’s Choice Award – Voted on the day of the event by faculty and staff spectators.

BOAT 7-7 Cameron Williams, Tanvir Virdi, Emily O’Neill and Anousheh Nazir

Most Attractive – Best looking boat BEFORE the race.

BOAT 7-2 Jayda Richter, Margot McCarty and Manat Grewal

Ugliest Boat – Worst looking boat AFTER the race.

BOAT 7-6 Olivia Taylor, Deanna Nicholls, Carly Jones and Sophie DeLaurentiis

The Titanic Award – Given to the crew of the boat that sinks in the most spectacular fashion! Just remember this is NOT the objective of the day!  

BOAT 6-8 Anish Rangavajjula, Max Ziering and Shiloh Sharma

The Transatlantic Journey Award - New this year is Given to the boats that says afloat the longest 

BOAT 7-9 with a time of 1:38.80 Kimberly Zhang, Alyssa Ji, Anna Bao and Aava Joshi

Fastest Finish Award – Given to the crew of the boat that has most successfully completed the challenge for each grade level. 

8th Grade Winner BOAT 8-6 with a time of 46.49 Mohisha Jha, Sofia Romero, Braelyn Brandl and Sophia Fontaine 

7th Grade Winner BOAT 7-5 with a time of 27.29 Saif Zaidi, Coco Lee, Nailah Frias and Aidan Murphy

6th Grade Winner and 2022 Grand Champion BOAT 6-6 with a time of 24.81 Caden Leu, Joshua Simeonidis, Maddie Cortese and Ellie Szczubelek