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Lower School Students Explore Cultural Alphabets

Rudy Brandl

Five Lower School students shared presentations with their teachers and peers at last week’s Lower School assembly in the Berry Performing Arts Center. Samant Singhal ’34, Aarya Singh ‘33, Ella Byrne ’32, Shivani Sundar ‘31 and Vivienne Leu ‘31 enlightened the audience with their own cultural alphabets. 

Samant celebrated his Indian American heritage by going through the entire alphabet from A-Z with explanations of various items pertaining to each letter. Aarya also presented alphabetical references with accompanying visuals.

Ella began her presentation with a “B is for Byrne” slide and continued with various references to celebrate her Irish heritage. Shivani provided details and unique aspects of Tamil, the language he speaks, and included visual examples. Vivienne shared aspects of the South Korean and Taiwanese cultures, including food, fashion and language.

The assembly’s celebration of the school’s diversity concluded with Lower School students reciting the affirmations to acknowledge their mutual respect for each other.