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Lower School Students Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Rudy Brandl

Lower School students celebrated Hispanic Heritage and Indigenous Peoples Day at an assembly in the Berry Performing Arts Center. Senora Maria Hinestroza, Lower School Spanish teacher, led the presentation.

The program included a video of “Ramón Preocupón (Silly Billy)” by Anthony Browne, a story about a special Guatemalan tradition: “Muñecas quitapenas” or “Worry Dolls.” The students learned that before going to bed, some Guatemalan children tell their worries to these dolls and put them under their pillow so they can take the worries away while they sleep. The Lower School community also shared ways they manage worry and how they help friends and family feel better.  The children learned about another culture and one of their traditions.

The students took home one of the dolls, which were made by a group of artisans who consist mostly of indigenous women. Visitors to Guatemala will see tiny colorful dolls made of wood and woven fabric dressed in traditional Mayan style. 

Sra. Hinestroza also invites families who are of Hispanic Heritage to record a one or two-minute video sharing their names, where they are from, the colors of the flag of their heritage country, and something they want the W+H community to know about their country of origin/heritage, such as a special place, food, story or game. Contact Sra. Hinestroza for more information.

“The students are truly fascinated by the ones we have watched so far. Seeing our families on our Ben-Q board is like watching a movie where you know or have seen the celebrities,” Sra. Hinestroza said.